GeoApps Plus Limited


The National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA) since its establishment has developed a critical mass of manpower and built valuable space-based assets that are being used to support project planning, research and development for effective decision- making in the country in many areas of human endeavor. This has necessitated the establishment of a commercial outfit that markets the services and products of the Agency

Thus, GeoApps Plus is a limited liability company established by the National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA), a parastatal under the aegis Federal Ministry of Science and Technology (FMST), Nigeria to market the products and services of the agency and its Research Centers and Laboratories.

The company was incorporated on the 24th of September 2007 as Nigeriasat Imageries & Consultancy Services Limited (NICS). However, in 2009 there was a name change from Nigeriasat Imageries & Consultancy Services Limited (NICS) to GeoApps Plus Limited.  The company is headed by a Managing Director who is also an employee of NASRDA who leads the affairs of the company.

The company has the mandate to use space technology products and services to provide Geospatial Solutions for the purpose of enhancing sustainable socio-economic development in the country and beyond. This requires the acquisition of satellite data to identify, analyze and interpret characterize features on the earth surface for planning, monitoring, evaluation and decision-making processes.

Thus, GeoApps Plus Limited, as the Commercial Arm of the Agency stands as a link for institutions, organizations, customers and relevant stakeholders to approach for their data needs, training, infrastructure capacity development and projects execution.


The core areas of operation of the company include but not restricted to the following:

  • Acquisition and Sales of satellite images from the Nigerian Satellite series and other Earth Observation Satellites systems.
  • Solution development using data and products from Earth Observation Satellites.
  • Training and Capacity Building in Geoinformation Science and Technology, Global Navigational Systems and other related space- based technologies.
  • Customized Training in Space-based Applications tailored towards the needs and requests of various organizations and institutions.
  • Project implementation and Research and Development in the use of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), and other space technology augmentation systems.
  • Linkages/Collaborations on project implementation, management, research and development with institutions and organizations.
  • Consultancy Services and on-site assessment of environmental projects.


Based on the mandates and core areas of operations, the activities of the Company can broadly be categorized into three as follows:

1. Training and Capacity Development

The Company provides specialized and customized training for clients in the following areas:

  • Introduction to Basic GIS & Remote Sensing
  • Application of Remote Sensing & GIS in Land Administration & Management
  • Geospatial Data Application in intelligence gathering & Decision Making
  • Geospatial Modelling for Environmental Management
  • Geo-Statistics
  • Topographic/Hydrological Modelling
  • GIS for Crime Mapping
  • Geo-Intelligence in Peace Mission, Conflict Resolution & Terrorism
  • Introduction to Geo-Information Services for Security Personnel
  • Land Cadaster Applications, Geo-database Administration and Cadastral Mapping
  • Application of Remote Sensing & GIS for National Resources Management
  • Introduction to Geo-Processing Scripts using Python
  • Spatial Analysis of Geo-Hazards
  • Specialized Simulation & Modelling Package (Auto-CAD)
  • Advanced Methods for processing Bathymetric & Sonar Data
  • Radar Image Processing, Analysis & Interpretation
  • Intelligence Mapping & Geo-Data Catalogue System

2. Consultancy and Projects Execution

  • Establish a functional Geographic Information System (GIS) LABORATORY to facilitate Cadastral Land Information Management System (CLIMS). This information management system enables the identification, interpretation, analysis, integration and coding of land information from earth observation satellites and other ancillary sources for effective Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) of any administrative entity- Local, States and Federal governments.
  • Satellite-based Resources Inventory and Land suitability Assessment for Sustainable and Smart/ Precision Agriculture in a given territory- Local, States and Federal governments.
  • Carryout inventory of Infrastructural facilities for planning and effective decision-making Process e.g. primary, secondary and tertiary health facilities in the LGAs and States. Do an inventory of schools and establish the status of water supply e.g. dams and watershed management, boreholes, general water and sanitation etc.
  • Identification and digital coding of ecotourism/tourism resources (natural and cultural assets) of a given territory for harnessing into ecotourism sites/villages with world-class infrastructural facilities and social amenities that would attract investors to the places/sites for various touristic activities and investments. This is to encourage biodiversity preservation and conservation for enhanced revenue base for the present and future generations.

3. Satellite Data Acquisition, Processing and Sales

For the purpose of collaborations and partnership, the National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA) over the past years since the launch of NigeriaSat-1 Medium Resolution Earth Observation Satellite (EOS), has acquired lots of datasets and information which are readily available to the relevant stakeholders for use.

The importance of this technology for accelerated development by its users in Nigeria and elsewhere cannot be overemphasized. GeoApps Plus limited is therefore willing to partner interested stakeholders to propagate the benefits of space technology in addressing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), climate change and management issues, agriculture and early warning for food security and projects that emphasize environmental sustainability. This would be done through the valuable data acquired and the critical pool of manpower base the Agency has developed over the years.

List of Some Projects Executed by the Company

  • Supply of high-resolution quick bird and ikonos images of major cities and towns to National Population Commission.
  • Training of staff of National Population Commission on remote sensing /GIS principles and applications.
  • Training of 60 members of Nigeria Cartographic Association on Information extraction from satellite images.
  • Settlement mapping of Nigeria using Nigeriasat-1 images.
  • Population estimation using remote sensing data and GIS.
  • Production of settlement /existing railway map for Chinese contractor to act as base map for the construction of the new electric railway in Nigeria
  • Provision of free satellite imageries for research in Nigeria universities and other tertiary institution.
  • Production of Abuja atlas and guide using high resolution (0.6) quick bird satellite images.
  • Gully erosion control in south-East Nigeria using satellite data and GIS.
  • Desertification early warning predictive model in Northern Nigeria using satellite images and GIS.
  • Cassava yield prediction using remote sensing data and GIS in collaboration with International Institute for Tropical Agriculture.
  • Monitoring deforestation and its impact on biodiversity using Nigeriasat-1 and other satellites.
  • Satellite -based Environmental changes Research in the Niger Delta.
  • Production of hydrological (surface water) maps of kaduna state.
  • Production of flood risk maps of Lokoja, Kogi state.
  • Surface water mapping for Malaria control in North Central Region of Nigeria. Niger state as pilot.
  • Production of Land use/Landcover map of Nigeria using Nigeria-Sat images
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