1. What does NASRDA mean?

NASRDA stands for National Space Research and Development Agency.

2. What does NASRDA do?

NASRDA is the space Agency of Nigeria; it is saddled with the responsibility of building satellites and launching them. Although its scope is not limited to this.

3. When NASRDA established and what was was the purpose of the establishment of the Space Agency?

NASRDA was established in 1999. It is to build indigenous competence in developing, designing and building appropriate hard and software in space technology as an essential tool for its socio-economic development and enhancement of the quality of life of Nigerians.

4. What projects has the agency embarked on?

NASRDA has embarked on several projects as an Agency following rigorous research and also through its Centres and Laboratories from empirical studies and extensive research.

5. What are NASRDA’s deliverables?

  • NASRDA Prototyping Kit for Students
  • Automated Sun Tracker
  • Rapid Deployable Secured Mobile Network
  • Effective ICT Application tool for Disaster management
  • Flight Vehicle and Rocket Expert Systems Software Development in collaboration with Russia
  • Development of prototype UAV system
  • Capacity building for scientist and Engineers
  • High Speed Computers for R & D
  • Wind Tunnel
  • Development of Flexible Vehicle Dynamic Simulation Software in conjunction with St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace, Russia
  • Magnetometer
  • Automated irrigation system
  • Remote timing/ trigger system
  • High precision GPS device.
  • In-car navigation pro 43
  • Range finder
  • Intrusion detection and alert system
  • Embedded prototyping kit(EPK) for computer control

6. How many satellites has the agency launched?

The Agency has launched 6 satellites since inception, they are:

  • Nigeriasat 1
  • NigComsat-1r
  • Nigeriasat 2
  • Nigeriasat x
  • Nigcomsat 1
  • Edusat

7. How has the agency impacted on economic development?

  • The agency has provided the military with information for various military operations in and out of Nigeria.
  • The Agency has worked with various Ministries Departments and Agencies on projects that has impacted on the socio- economic development of Nigeria like in agriculture, education, disaster management, elections, security etc.
  • NASRDA has also donated GIS laboratories to various Nigerian tertiary institutions and also have an MOU that enable final year students in geography related courses from some Universities to attend a one month training on Geography Information System (GIS).
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