From DG's Desk

Dr. Francis Chizea
(Ag. Director General/CEO)

In 1976, Nigeria declared its space ambition to members of the Economic Commission for Africa and Organization of African Unity during an inter-governmental meeting in Addis-Ababa. In 1988 the National Council of Ministers’ approved the establishment of a National Centre for Remote Sensing, to be located at Jos; with a Ground Receiving Station, at Kerang, in Mangu LGA of Plateau State(site of the defunct Aerostat Balloon Project).

Policy Statements

Nigeria shall vigorously pursue the attainment of space capabilities as an essential tool for its socio-economic development and the enhancement of the quality of life of its people.
The Nation shall achieve this through research , rigorous education, engineering development, design and manufacture of appropriate hardware and software in space technology, including transport and payloads, such as satellite , telescopes and antennas for scientific research and applications. Government shall also foster Bi-lateral and international cooperation in all aspects of Space Science and Technology in order to ensure that Nigeria Scientist s and Engineers benefits from global developments in this enterprise.