Department of Space Regulations and Special Duties


The Space Regulations and Special Duties department has the mandate of providing the secretariat for the National Space Council, regulation of the space industry in Nigeria, security and safety of the Agency as well any other ad-hoc duty assigned by the Director General.


  1. Oversee the activities of the divisions and give general directions
  2. Carry out any other functions assigned by the DG

The department is divided into units and is saddled with the following functions:


The Department serve as the secretariat to the National Space Council, of which the President of the federal Republic of Nigeria is the chairman and the vice President also the vice Chairman and the Director General/CEO of NASRDA the secretary. The main function of the secretariat is to take care of correspondences as directed by the chairman of the Space Council


Special duties unit, is a unit specially created and dedicated to carry out and adhoc instruction of the Director General/CEO of NASRDA.


Space Regulations units is responsible for developing space regulation that are design to be applied to a space operators in Nigeria i.e National Space and Development Agency, Defence Space Administration and Nigeria Communication Satellite Ltd and any other private operators that may want to set-up its operation in Nigeria


The security unit of the Agency is under this Department; it is charged with the responsibility of securing all lives of staff and properties of staff and the Agency.  The unit comprises of the Agency internal security personal and liaises with external security outfit like the police, the Directorate of State Security etc.


The Fire Service Unit of the Agency is under this Department, Like the Security Unit, its main duty is to prevent and fight fire outbreak in the Agency and its environs. It also makes sure that the infrastructure in the Agency meet up the minimum safety standard.

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