Department of Policy, Planning and Research


The Policy, Planning and Research department has the mandate of providing the strategies required to ensure the following:

  1. Consistency and continuity in the policy thrust of the Agency in particular and the nation in general and policy thrust implementation especially in the area of projects execution
  2. That plans of the Agency are well articulated, properly coordinated and harmonized to meet set objectives


  1. Oversee the activities carried out by the 3 divisions and give general directions
  2. Carry out any other functions assigned by the DG


  • Coordinating the preparation and production of the Agency’s annual report, newsletter, procurement of books, journal etc.
  • Evolving strategies for a functional library and Ind. Digital library
  • Review of the National Space Policy in Collaboration with Dept. of International Cooperation.
  • Develop a theoretical framework for standard space museum.
  • Coordinating the activities of the National Space Museum.
  • Documentation of objects in the National Space Museum and to ensure their security.
  • Organizing and Participation in Museum Education, Workshop, Conferences and Seminars
  • Presentation on Museum Collection.
  • Carrying out functions that may be assigned to it by the Director.


  • Coordinating the preparation of the annual budget for the Agency and its Activity Centre’s.
  • Assessing existing projects of the Agency and Advising on the need for their continued implementation or otherwise and assessing new projects with a view to ensuring that they are implementable with Agency’s mandate.
  • Coordinating the Agency and Activity Centre’s Projects and programme implementation and project review Meeting.
  • Coordinating the participation of the Agency in local and International workshops, Seminars, Exhibitions, Conferences, Meetings etc.
  • Carrying out functions that may assigned to it by Director.


  • Liaising with Research Institution, Industries and organs of the Federal Government relevant to the implementation of the mandate of the Agency.
  • Articulating and ensuring capacity building especially in the area of human resources development which is required for the implementation of the national space programme.
  • Coordinating support for universities and other academic institutions in the country for R&D projects relevant to the national space programme.
  • Coordinating of other R&D projects at the research institutions, universities etc.
  • Assist in Coordination of research papers publication
  • Assist in coordinating the preparation and production of the Agency’s Annual Report, Bulletins and Newsletters
  • Carrying out functions that may assigned to it by Director.
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