Department of Mission Planning, IT and Data Management


The department is saddled with the coordination and management of the Information Communication Technology (ICT) contents of the Agency. The department is made up of four (4) operational units namely:

  • Mission Planning (MP)
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI)
  • Satellite Data Management (SDM)

Mission Planning (MP) Division:

The activities of the MP unit stems from the need to:

  • Initiate concept exploration and research and development
  • Perform routine scheduling and telemetry operations
  • Efficient satellite campaign planning
  • Sufficiently meet the satellite data demand by users
  • Provide seed information from the current mission for future spacecraft design/development initiatives

The specific areas of R&D by the Mission Planning unit include:

  • Time series matching of Keplerian and perturbed orbits
  • Geometrics for orbit surveillance and reconnaissance
  • Navigation, positioning and tracking
  • Formulations and software coding for predicting satellite orbits, look angles, rise and set
  • Determination of conjugations(geometrical and statistical solutions)
  • Campaign planning and management
  • Progress reporting and quality assurance

Mission Planning activities are mosaics of interactions and collaborations between relevant departments/units of the Agency, such as the Nigeria satellite Ground Station, Engineering and Space System (ESS) and Strategic Space Applications (SSA) amongst other department and Centres.

Information Technology (IT) Division:

The IT division comprises three operational units:

  • Management Information System (MIS): deals with matters relating to webs services, data analytics, system administration, software development, database and information systems deployment and web-mail management.
  • Network and Communications (N and C): deals with network design, implementation, maintenance, Website/support network services in the Agency and other functions as the need arises
  • Helpdesk and General ICT infrastructure Maintenance : include installation and repairs of computer parts and accessories and support services to all departments in the Agency

Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) Division:

The major activities of SDI Division include:

  • Metadata generation and extraction
  • SDI stakeholders training and liaison
  • Web-Mapping, GIS Development
  • National Geospatial Data Infrastructure (NGDI) steering Desk

The basic software components of an SDI as operated in the department include:

  • Software client to display, query and analyse spatial data ( a browser or desk top GIS)
  • Catalogue services for the discovery, browsing and querying of metadata or spatial services, spatial datasets and other resources
  • Spatial data service for allowing the delivery of the data via the internet
  • Processing services such as datum and projection transformations or the the transformation of cadastral survey observations and owner requests into cadastral documentation
  • Spatial data repository and update (storage and update of spatial database)
  • GIS software (client or desktop)

Satellite Data Management (SDM) Division:

SDM solutions make data processing, cataloguing, archiving, validation, distribution and other essential value addition functions simpler and less time-intensive by fulfilling the following tasks amongst others:

  • Ensuring that all processed geospatial data at the disposal of the Agency are properly documented, archived and catalogued in formats that can be readily retrievable for clients request
  • Data updating, digital image processing ( including geometric and radiometric image corrections, data extraction)
  • Deployment and maintenance of user-based data collection system for satellite missions, data request documentation and Area of Interest (AOI) extraction, training and research application services
  • Priority request and campaign management
  • Data dissemination for research purposes, etc.

Research/Work Plan for Year 2020:

In the year 2020, the department plans to vigorously pursue the following research area/ contents:

  • Data Analytic and Programming.
  • Satellite Database Development and Archiving
      1. Marine/Ocean
      2. Land/infrastructure
      3. Space/Atmospheric
  • Data Communication and Networking
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