Department of Administration and Finance


The Administration Department (formerly Administration & Finance) is one the Key department that play a vital role in the Agency and is headed by a Director in the person of Mrs Deborah Zoaka, an astute seasoned administrator with a wealth of experience in the Civil Service. The Director reports activities of the Department directly to the Director General/Chief Executive of the Agency. The Division is responsible for the day to day administration and activities in the Agency. For effective and efficient discharge of duties.

The Director of Administration oversees all the units of the department for utmost performance and is responsible for implementing and enforcing the administrative policy of the Organization.


  • Appointment, Promotion and Discipline
  • Training and Staff Welfare
  • Records
  • Registry
  • Pension
  • Store
  • Transport


The unit is headed by an Assistant Director who is charged with the responsibilities of handling appointments, promotions, discipline and other related matters such as processing of Secondments and transfer/merger of service.  The Assistant Directors ensures all staff adheres to the Code of Ethics and Conduct in the public service,  such as political neutrality  and duty of confidentiality, integrity, professionalism, loyalty, courage, cooperation, discipline, honesty, courtesy, tact-skilfulness, and industry hard work as stipulated in  the 2004 Public Service Rules (PSR).


The unit is headed by an Assistant Director, it is the duty of this unit to ensure that Staff of the Agency undergo requisite training that is commiserate with their scheduled of duties that will add value to their job, enhance performance and Productivity; as part of manpower development and capacity building of serving Officers in line with the Agency’s mandate. In addition the unit ensures that the welfare of Staff is properly taken into consideration. Other role by the unit include  processing of study leave, issuing of letter of acceptance/deployment for corps members and students on Industrial Training and all matters of National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS).


The unit is headed by an Assistant Chief Administrative Officer (ACAO) is responsible for updating records of old staff, ensures all newly recruited Staff completes the record of service form. The ACAO) also has the responsibility of keeping records of Officers proceeding on any kind of leave and raising of salary variation advice accordingly.


The unit is headed by a Principal Executive Officer II and the unit performs the following functions: receiving, documentation and dispatch of all correspondence between the Agency and other organization Ministry. The unit also assists in the documentation of newly recruited Staff, filing and keeping of files for all Staff of the Organization.


The unit is headed by an Assistant Chief Admin Officer (ACAO). The Officer is responsible for ensuring a smooth operation of the Contributory Pension Scheme as enshrined in the Pension Reform Act 2014 in the Agency and ensure that every staff receives his/her retirement benefits as and when due.


The unit is headed by Principal Executive Officer and the duty of store unit include receiving of items purchased by the organization, issuing of stationeries, and taking stock/inventory of items in the offices, oversees the entire store, keeps records and maintaining of bin cards and issuing of Store Receipt vouchers (SRV) and Store issuing Vouchers (SIV) etc.


The transport unit is headed by the office is charge with the responsibility of monitoring of motor vehicle registrations, carrying out repairs as approved, ensuring due process in the release and use of official vehicles to provide logistics as at when due.


The department has recorded a number of successes in conducting both senior and junior staff promotion in the Agency (Headquarters and activities centres Laboratories). All Discipline matters were handled diligently in-line with the provisions of the public Service Rules and Regulations and erring Staff Sanction according Welfare of staff was of utmost important and taken into consideration as mandate. The issues of pension/gratuity of retired/deceased officer were equally handled by    the pension unit of the department ensuring that such benefit/ entitlement are paid accordingly.

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