Department of Engineering and Space Systems


The Department of Engineering and Space System is headed by Engr. Prof. O.A. Agboola with supportive divisions structured towards the actualization of the mandate of the Agency. The Department plays supervisory roles of the Agency’s space Engineering and Science activity and research centers. It also coordinates and implement national Space based engineering projects with relevant departments and centers, offer technical advisory roles to the office of the Director General and any other function as Directed by the office of the Director General and Chief Executive. In order to achieve these responsibilities, the Department has eight divisions as indicated below with their respective heads:


  • Navigation system
  • Aeronautics
  • Total Quality Management
  • Advance Computation and Expert Laboratory systems
  • Physical Sciences
  • Satellite Systems Development
  • Aerospace
  • Life Sciences

For better administration and coordination, the department retains training, special projects and technology products incubation in the office of the Director of the department.


The statutory functions of the Department include amongst others:

  • Space systems is to provide leadership in all the engineering activities of the Agency and its subsidiaries, with the goal of developing space –products, space –capabilities, and space- knowledge.
  • Promote the development and acquisition of indigenous capability in satellite technology including the Ground System.
  • Promote the development and acquisition of space transportation technology including launch facilities.
  • Promote capacity building in space systems through Research and Development.
  • Supervise the activities of the Development Centers that may be assigned to it by the Director-General.
  • Operate and maintain the Ground Station infrastructure for all kinds of satellites such as Earth Observation, Communication, Weather, Scientific, etc.
  • Carry out other functions that may be assigned to it by the Director-General.

Our attention has been drawn to certain publications on some fraudulent websites and public forums targeting unsuspecting members of the public, advertising fake jobs in the name of NASRDA. The general public is hereby advised to beware of such fraudster and also note that:

  • NASRDA is currently NOT carrying out any form of recruitment.
  • NASRDA has neither engaged  any third party agents nor use any third party websites for public notices.
  • Only information on NASRDA website is authentic and members of the public should visit the website or call NASRDA for information about NASRDA.
  • Any other website or public forum that is NOT expressly stated by NASRDA or NASRDA website attempting to publish information about NASRDA should be disregarded.


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