Department of Procurement


The procurement department is one of the departments of the Agency that is under the DG’s office. It is responsible for the implementation of the Public Procurement Act, 2007 as far as the activities of the Agency are concerned. The unit is headed by a Directot who reports directly to the Director General.


The main objectives of the procurement department are to comply with the public procurement Act 2007 and liaise with the Bureau of public procurement on behalf of the agency regarding all procurement matters.


The procurement department is made up of:

  • Capital Procurement
  • Recurrent Procurement


The functions of the department are to:

  • Coordinate and ensure due process in the Procurement of goods, works and services that form the capital component of the budget in the Agency;
  • Coordinate market survey and maintain of a periodic updated price database;
  • Ensure adherence to all extant Public Sector Procurement procedures and regulations;
  • Maintain a register of suppliers/Contractors for the Commission;
  • Laise with the Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP) for issuance of Due Process ‘No Objection’ where applicable; and
  • Implement the overhead components of the budget of the Agency.

Our attention has been drawn to certain publications on some fraudulent websites and public forums targeting unsuspecting members of the public, advertising fake jobs in the name of NASRDA. The general public is hereby advised to beware of such fraudster and also note that:

  • NASRDA is currently NOT carrying out any form of recruitment.
  • NASRDA has neither engaged  any third party agents nor use any third party websites for public notices.
  • Only information on NASRDA website is authentic and members of the public should visit the website or call NASRDA for information about NASRDA.
  • Any other website or public forum that is NOT expressly stated by NASRDA or NASRDA website attempting to publish information about NASRDA should be disregarded.


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